The “Research Team” deals with the research of new materials, both to improve the quality of the packaging and to be more eco-sustainable. To achieve this, the specifically equipped internal laboratory tests the new eco-sustainable materials proposed by suppliers according to international standards to verify their durability over time and to ensure the integrity of the packaging and packaged product to the end user.

The result of our internal research is the development of an innovative solution, namely a multilayer mono-material packaging in PP with cap of the same material, with high product protection and therefore reliable over time. All completely recyclable.

This solution allows a saving of about 60% of the plastic used in the process compared to the same production of bottles and tubes of the same material.

Alongside this, other materials of biological origin are being tested in the Flexi laboratory, i.e. packaging solutions with single-material plastic film for 70% organic, produced from vegetable raw materials and not derived from petroleum.


The “Innovation Team” deals with process innovations, to adapt to the Digital Transformation suggested by the new and current Industry 4.0 standards, to modify and integrate machinery, to meet customer needs, and above all to invent and build new machines and new processes, such as the creation of Medium and Maxi Envelopes with formats and measures never before produced in Italy.

In 2020 we internally designed and built two specific machines for the production of bags with special caps requested by strategic customers, and we have other projects in progress to be implemented in the years to come.
The study and inclusion of new digital machinery is allowing, in addition to significant energy savings, to have increasingly green production processes, eliminating over time the use of solvents in printing and the use of harmful powders.

Our medium-term goal is to have two green factories by 2026.