To adhere to the principles of circular economy, Flexi has embarked on a journey to make products and processes more sustainable and energy-efficient. Discover them all!

Streamlining and monitoring of energy consumption related to business activities
Sustainable use of materials according to circular economy criteria
Gradual reduction of GHG emissions
Improved management of generated waste for a minimal production waste reduction


From a social perspective, Flexi is increasingly focused on providing a safe working environment, competent staff training, and protecting individuals and their rights.

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Designing products with high-quality and safety standards
Responsible, sustainable, and transparent communication
Safeguarding individuals' rights through the adoption of policies aimed at promoting an inclusive, respectful, and equal treatment culture
Responsible and sustainable management of the entire supply chain
Ensuring the health and safety of workers through a low-risk work environment
Training and skills development for attracting and retaining personnel


The ability to generate and distribute value for customers, employees, and the community relies on decisions that involve ethical business conduct and integrity from a values perspective.

Assessment of sustainable economic performance, essential for creating and distributing value
Adoption of a corporate Code of Ethics and promotion of business conduct based on ethics and integrity


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